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CalChiefs Employment/Classifieds

Fire Marshal, Santa Rosa Fire Department (CA).  Application deadline 06/18/2021.

Fire Chief, Menlo Park Fire Protection District (CA).  Application deadline midnight 06/13/2021.

Fire Chief, Sacramento County Airport (CA).  Application deadline 06/24/2021 @ 5PM.

Firefighter/Paramedic, San Ramon Valley FPD (CA).  Open until filled for an August 2021 academy.

FPO Employment/Classifieds

**CalChiefs posts employment and classified ads for free as a benefit of CalChiefs membership.  Employment notices and classifieds may be posted by non-members at a cost of $500 each.  To have an announcement posted please send it either in PDF Brochure for the position(s) or internet link an application website to [email protected] for review and posting.**