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CalChiefs Employment/Classifieds

Fire Chief, City of Alhambra Fire Department (CA).  Application deadline midnight 09/26/2021.

Firefighter/Paramedic, Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services Department  (CA).  Application deadline 09/27/2021 @ 8AM.

Battalion Chief, El Cerrito-Kensington Fire Department (CA).  Application deadline is 09/27/2021.

Fire Chief, City of Manteca Fire Department (CA).  Application deadline 09/30/2021 @ 5PM.

Fire District Communications Center Manager, Contra Costa County FPD (CA).  Application deadline 10/03/2021 @11:59PM.

Single Role Paramedic, San Ramon Valley FPD (CA). Application deadline 10/08/2021 at noon.

Battalion Chief, Sacramento County Airport Fire (CA).  Application deadline 11/04/2021 at 5PM.

Firefighter/Paramedic, San Ramon Valley FPD (CA).  Accepting and reviewing applications for 2022 academy.

Reserve Firefighter, City of Calimesa Fire Department (CA).  Continuous recruitment.

Volunteer Firefighter, Suisun City Fire Department (CA).  Continuous Recruitment.

FPO Employment/Classifieds

Fire Inspector, City of Pasadena Fire Department (CA).  Continuous recruitment until filled. First round of applications are due 9/16/2021 for review.

REVISED – Fire Marshal, Suisun City Fire Department (CA).  Continuous until filled 100 applications.

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