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CalChiefs has moved to a new membership and event management software platform.  In addition to improving the membership and event registration processes, it will allow you to update changes in your membership information over the course of the fiscal year.

Please review the step-by-step instructions included below for your membership type. Life Members: contact CalChiefs staff ([email protected]) for assistance. 

Please call our office at 916.923.9455 or email us at [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Instructions for Tier Memberships 1-8

Instructions for Additional Group Membership

Instructions for Volunteer Fire Chief Membership

Instructions for Retiree Membership

Instructions for Section President Membership

Instructions for Associate Membership

MEMBERSHIP 2022-2023

Fire Chiefs and Chief Officer members: Thank you for your support of CalChiefs! We hope you will renew your membership again this year.

For those Chiefs and Chief Officers who are not yet a member – we look forward to you  becoming a member. Support the efforts of CalChiefs to maintain and improve the delivery of fire and emergency medical services in California.

CalChiefs membership cycle is from July 1st through June 30th.  Memberships may be paid online through our website or by check mailed to our office.  Be sure to select the type of membership your agency qualifies for.  CalChiefs memberships are tiered based on the full-time employee (FTE) count (sworn and non-sworn) at the fire department/district.  Simply gather that count and select the tier that applies.   

For information about memberships, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling 916.923.9455.

(Membership in any of the nine sections of CalChiefs is a completely separate membership, with a specific process for each one.  For more information on membership in the different sections, please click here CalChiefs Sections.

To RENEW or INITIATE your membership – please select the membership type below that you would like to renew or join as a new member and click “next.”

Active Membership (Fire Chief, Group, and Individual memberships)

All Fire Chiefs of any public or private agency memberships are based on the size (tier) of the department.  Please select the proper dues amount for the size of your agency.  Additional Group Memberships may be purchased if you desire to add more members than included in your tier.  Volunteer Fire Chiefs (annual budget of under $250,000), Section Presidents and retired chief officers are individual memberships you can select from below.  Associate memberships for individuals or companies that provide services or supplies of interest to the California Fire Service.

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