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2022-23 Executive Board Members & Area Directors (Full Board)

We are here to represent you.

Executive Board Members

Chris Tubbs – President (9/22)
Southern Marin Fire District

Mark Heine – President Elect (9/22)
Sonoma County Fire District

Ray Gayk – Past President (9/22)
Ontario Fire Department

Ted Peterson – Treasurer (10/22)
Southern Marin Fire District

Stephen Akre – Northern Division Director (10/22)
Sonoma Valley Fire District

Bernard Molloy II – Southern Division Director (03/22)
Murrieta Fire and Rescue

Brian Fennessy – Member-at-Large (07/20)
Orange County Fire Authority

John Binaski – Legislative Director (10/22)
Clovis Fire Department

Jeff Meston – Executive Director (10/21)

Ray Gayk – CA Director to WFCA (9/22)
Ontario Fire Department

Russ Noack – Legislative Advocate
Public Policy Advocates

Area Directors (Full Board)

Kevin Taylor – Area 1 South (3/20)
Montecito Fire Protection District
(liaison to Fire Prevention Officers Section South)

Jerrod Vanlandingham – Area 1 North (12/18)
Redding Fire Department
(liaison to Communications Section)

Adam Loeser – Area 2 South (10/21)
Fullerton Fire Department
(liaison to Operations Section)

Rick Bartee – Area 2 North (7/16)
Roseville Fire Department
(liaison to Fire Prevention Officers Section North)

Nathan Cooke – Area 3 South  (09/20)
Chino Valley Fire Department
(liaison to EMS Sections – North and South)

Mo Johnson – Area 3 North (7/22)
El Dorado Hills Fire Protection District

Don Butz – Area 4 South  (9/19)
Lakeside Fire Department
[liaison to Administrative Fire Services Section (AFSS) South]

Greg Tarascou – Area 4 North (10/21)
Sanger Fire Department
[liaison to Administrative Fire Services Section (AFSS) North]

John Frando – Area 5 South (08/20)
Bakersfield Fire Department
(liaison to Training Officers Section South)

Bill Gillespie – Area 5 North (7/16)
Crescent City Fire Department
(liaison to Fire Mechanics Sections – North and South)

Scott Westrope – Area 6 North (12/20)
Santa Rosa Fire Department
(liaison to Emergency Management Section)

Reginald D. Freeman – Area 7 North (7/21)
Oakland Fire Department
(liaison to Training Officers Section North)