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Legislative Committee

The CalChiefs Legislative Committee reviews all California legislation that is introduced either in the Senate or Assembly.  CalChiefs has joined with the Fire Districts Association of California (FDAC) and created a joint legislative task force (TF) to better address statewide legislative needs.  Regular full meetings of the TF are held to discuss recommended positions on each bill. Regular full meetings of the committee are held to discuss recommended positions on each bill.  Positions taken are “Support”, “Oppose” or “Watch”.  Once consensus is reached on each bill, the positions are then presented to their respective eBoard for final approval.  As bills are constantly amended and CalChiefs is contacted for support on bills, these specific bills are then sent via email to the committee members for feedback and possible modification of the previously adopted position.

The Legislative Committee Members are:

Michael McLaughlin – CalChiefs (Chair)

Cosumnes Fire Department
Ph: (916) 405-7100
[email protected]

Richard Pearce – FDAC (Vice Chair)

Tiburon Fire Department
(415) 435-7200
[email protected]

Ray Ramirez – CalChiefs (Voting)

Ontario Fire Department
(909) 395-2002
[email protected]

Jeffrey Willis – FDAC (Voting)

Big Bear Fire Department
(909) 866-7566
[email protected]

Rocque Yballa – CalChiefs (Voting)

Central County Fire Department
(650) 558-7605
[email protected]

Steven Hall – FDAC (Voting)

Central FPD of Santa Cruz Fire Department
(831) 479-6842
[email protected]

Melinda Hunley – CalChiefs (Voting)

Kern County Fire Communications Center
(661) 868-4058
[email protected]

Mark Mills – FDAC (Voting)

Ross Valley Fire Department
(415) 258-4686
[email protected]  

Paul Matheis – CalChiefs (Voting)

Newport Beach Fire Department (ret.)
(949) 505-3122
[email protected]

Rusty Dupray – FDAC (Voting)

Sacramento Metro Fire Department (ret.)
(916) xxx-xxxx
[email protected]

Randy Metz – CalChiefs (Alternate)

Carlsbad Fire Department
(760) 602-4661
[email protected]

Jeff Maxwell – FDAC (Alternate)

Central FPD of Santa Cruz Fire Department
(831) 479-6842
[email protected]

Ted Peterson – CalChiefs (Alternate)

Novato Fire Department
(415) 878-2690
[email protected]

Micki Rucker – FDAC (Alternate)

Mi-Wuk Sugarpine Fire Department
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
[email protected]

Jeff Meston – CalChiefs – President

South Lake Tahoe Fire Department
(530) 307-9532

[email protected]

Tracey Hansen – CalChiefs – Executive Director

(916) 923-9455
[email protected] 

Catherine Smith, FDAC Executive Director

Fire Districts Association of California
(800) 829-4309
[email protected]

Russ Noack – Legislative Advocate

Public Policy Advocates
(916) 441-0700
[email protected]